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Rawson Haverty spoke of the “Top 20 Wall of Fame” in his Notes at Random. He said that we honor “with a special recognition those top volume producers – those men and women who, because of their attitude, their extra effort, their professional ability and pride, are continually the “best in the business.” While the exact details of how and when “Silver” and “Gold” Sales Awards came to be, we believe they stemmed gradually from the Wall of Fame that Mr. Haverty often spoke of. Regardless of when these particular awards were established, they were designed to honor the top sales associates in each region. Silver Sales winners account for 190 winning associates per quarter, while Gold Sales winners are awarded for their annual performance, and account for the Top 100 associates just short of One Million Dollars. 

Mission Statement

WE WILL BE RECOGNIZED AS A CUSTOMER-ORIENTED home furnishings retailer with reliable service, good quality and value in everything we provide.

WE WILL CONDUCT our affairs in a legal, ethical and moral manner.

WE BELIEVE IN CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT and superior performance for our shareholders and associates.

WE WILL ACTIVELY ENCOURAGE all of our associates to achieve their full potential, representing the Company well with the customer and the community.

WE WILL DEVELOP THE BEST PROFESSIONAL MANAGERS in the furniture industry and reward them for premium performance.

WE WILL STRIVE TO ACHIEVE TOP PERFORMANCE and excellence in all we undertake, always respecting the aspirations, diversity and dignity of each individual.

WE ARE COMMITTED to information sharing and an “Open Door” policy with our associates.

WE WILL BE RESPONSIBLE in our relationship with the environment and encourage all our associates to be environmentally sensitive.

WE WILL OPERATE the Company in an entrepreneurial mode and resist bureaucracy.

WE WILL BE CONSIDERED a good corporate citizen in every location.