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Welcome to the site for Silver and Gold sales point redemption! Your status as a sales award winner has earned you additional tokens of thanks for your dedication, loyalty, and a job well done. You can use your unique log in and password on this site to browse and redeem awards, as well as to create "wish lists" of items you hope to purchase with accumulated points in the future.

Congratulations, and happy shopping!


Havertys has a long-standing tradition of honoring its top-performing sales associates. From annual contests that have stood the test of time to the infamous “Top 20” Wall of Fame, sales associate recognition is at the core of the Company’s values.


Congratulations! Your Silver and/or Gold Sales status has earned you points towards the reward of your choice. This site allows you to search thousands and thousands of different prizes – from electronics to flowers, golf clubs to jewelry – and to redeem your points for the gift of your choosing!